Graphic Design Software – A Comprehensive Look At The Best Of The Best

Graphic design is a process of visual communication that creates visual concepts by making use of software. They mainly find use in creative platforms which are used for various applications like magazines or brochures or advertisements etc. Graphic designing may employ the use of symbols, text, visuals or any pictures to create messages or ideas. Most of the company logos and magazines, web designing is all done by using graphic designing. Precisely this field makes use of both visual communication and also communication design. So the graphic designers need to have good knowledge of computers and also graphic designing software.

What is a graphic designing software?

Graphic designing software is a collection of programs that enables any person to create or manipulate any images on the computer. The graphics play a major role in creating a captivating and a gripping website. There are also various categories namely raster graphics and vector graphics which again has 2D and 3D versions.

Raster graphics is also known as an bitmap image which represents a grid of pixels. When any raster image is enlarged each individual pixels will appear as many squares. On further enlargement they can be analysed with the combination of values for red, green and blue colours. All types of websites use raster graphics. These graphics are found on news, e-commerce, social, and even adult sites. This is especially prevalent on adult games sites as oultined on

Vector graphics creates digital images using some commands and mathematical equations that keep shapes and lines in any 2D or 3D space. So, which is the best software for graphic design?

Few graphic designing software today begin with

  • Photoshop

This can be considered as one of the best software for a beginner. This made photo editing very interesting and it has various automatic options which impart life to the images being created. This photoshop also removes any unwanted things from the picture besides offering other basic features. Photoshop is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Other options of photoshop include one touch adjustment, blemish removal, one touch filter etc to name a few.

  • GNU Image Manipulation Program

This software comes along with a photo manipulation option which is well appreciated by everyone. This software is totally customizable and gives complete freedom to the user with a great user interface. One of the greatest advantages working with this software is it allows the user to view and also edit simultaneously. This is a software which is cross-compatible and this becomes one of the prime choices to work with.

  • Illustrator

Adobe illustrator is mainly used for vector graphics and this is primarily used to create cartoons, logos and other designs or artwork. Illustrator allows you to create perfect pixel shapes which are seamlessly aligned. Creative Cloud is the newest version of Illustrator which is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

  • Inkscape

This allows users to work using SVG file format and this tool is ideal for graphics as well as vector art. This is compatible in Windows, Mac and also Linux. Inkscape is very easy to you for colouring or sketching with great editing features to work with.

  • CorelDraw

This software has got some constructive features and it is easy to use than all the other vector editors. This software has plenty of tools which make editing very easy and convenient. This software is even capable of working smoothly with large data. The training videos are well equipped with information for newbies.

  • Serif Drawplus

This is another software that offers great tools for designing as well as editing besides making creative logos, posters, animations etc. This is a great platform for both beginners as well as designers. This allows users to work on even complexities with ease.

With plethora of options available, it is important to pick up a software that suits your needs. A software must be compatible with all the operating systems and also have a great and an easy user interface with an effortless learning curve. Not to forget, it must not cost you a bomb. Having a great option to customize is another feature to look for. Serif Drawplus is one such great software which offers everything not being expensive and is preferred by both beginners and also designers.

How to Find a Good Graphic Designer

Your e-book is almost complete, and you realize that you need impressive coverage to promote it. The problem is that you do not have the skills or software to create one. It’s time to look for a graphics expert. Buying a product is no different than purchasing another product or online service. You want a designer who is reliable and can truly reflect your vision for a price you can afford.

Here are some tips to help you find a good graphic designer that fits your needs:

Retrieve references

Do you know someone who has already used a designer? Ask your restricted circle, support teams, friends, and colleagues first. It is likely that some of these critical people you report cover at some point, and they would like to share their resources with you. Forums are also a great place to look for references. Not only do you have an idea of ​​the style of your designers, but they can also give you some ideas as you create your vision.

Search engines

Use search engines to find graphics experts. Enter some keywords or phrases and start looking around. You might have to spend quite some time to see everyone, but in the end, it’s worth finding the right person for your requirements. It isn’t a bad idea to check out Fiverr or Freelancer as well.


If you are looking at a designer website, read the reviews. If you have a link to the customer’s site, follow this. Do not be afraid to contact the site owner and ask if their statements are valid. I have received numerous requests for information on products and services that I have recommended in different places. Also, try to see the cover on their site. You have an idea of ​​how it fits your website.

Repeat customers

When reviewing testimonials, ask if they have purchased other graphic elements from the same designer. Sometimes it is evident that the rest of the graphics on the page are the same. In other cases, it may not be so apparent if the customer has purchased graphic elements for various websites or products. If you are not sure, ask.


The option is to find a designer to prepare the cover without paying in advance. The tests they perform include watermarks to prevent theft of images. However, you can see the results before you pay them. However, not all designers offer this option “without risk.” If you choose a designer who requires an upfront payment, be sure to negotiate a comprehensible money back guarantee or a new design if you do not like the final image.

Designer Portfolio

Does the designer have a portfolio or pattern on his website? A review of the work already done will show you if they are doing quality work. Every designer has his style. When looking at the designer portfolio, look for the names of the authors. If you see a lot of graphical elements created for the same author or website, it’s often a sign of activity repetition. That is a good thing. There are also graphic designer that specialize in certain niches. If you are running an adult site it doesn’t make sense to have a graphic designer who specializes in cartoon graphics. If you have a general adult forum such as TNABoard

Other supporting graphics

Does the designer create other graphic elements that support your cover?; Things like a page header, an order button, a wallpaper, etc.; these other graphics are often grouped for a better price and are designed to work with your cover.

Order form options

Look at the order form before ordering. See what the questions included are. Are you asking him the age range and target market you want to reach? Your color preference? More available options? Does the order form provide areas where you can post comments, ideas, or other instructions you need to know? When you ask these questions, you want to design a cover for your market and a cover designed to sell your product.

Customer service

Customer service is the most important thing. Does the site specify the straightforward approach to get in contact with the graphic designer? Do they react in time to your emails? Can you call them?

Frequently asked questions

Does the designer page have a frequently asked questions section? If so, read it! You can find answers to some or all of your questions without continuing.


You have a deadline. What is the standard delivery time for your project? Will the designer work with you to finish your project before it expires? If they want, it means that they are ready to work with you and want the best for you.


Are designer prices listed on the website and easy to find? If not, do they send it by e-mail? Can you pay what the designer charges? If you need more than one design, can you expect a discount? Do you offer special packages or other offers? Although the costs are indeed a fact to think about, this should not be the only consideration. Good designers can cost more, but in the end, you’ll get a higher quality image that will increase your sales.

Final thoughts

You can spend days, weeks, and months gathering information about which graphic designer to use for your project. It can be a daunting process. It does not have to be; sometimes you have to trust your instinct and follow it.

Most Popular PC Games

If you are locked down at home or on summer vacations, then chances are more that you will be spending more time on your Personal Computer (PC), and thus would want to refresh your PC games library. March is one of the best months for the PC games in memory, and the collection of games that were released – from indie puzzlers to VR games, prompted us about what we liked the most about the PC gaming. The medium comprises of more games than any controls. The best PC game links every genre with the studio size.

With a suitable set of hardware, you become gave savvy as they were predetermined, without limits, incredible insight, and constancy. And also with the available distribution channels giving a fixed stream of new releases – a vast library of well-maintained older titles – has never been a safer time to initiate your PC and jump into the world of a mouse, keyboard and controller-based fun.

To demystify, games need not be released within the fiscal year to entitle for this outline. The games that are still available and considered excellent when graded against the best of today is entitled. Thus, helps to decide on which games acquire space on your system hard drive and which does not qualify even if the price is cut by 85% in the Stream sale.

About PC Games

A PC game or computer game is a type of hands-on multimedia used for amusement and relaxation that are played on a personal computer. PC games are normally spread through standard storage devices such as DVDs, CDs. However, in the recent times, these games can be downloaded from their respective websites.

List of Popular PC Games

Below is the list of best PC games to play today. Enjoy!

Bleeding Edge – A team shooter from the makers of Hellbalde

Reason to Buy

  • Can easily become expert in mechanics
  • Great mixture of character types
  • Fun approach to content rewards

Half-Life: Alyx – An alternative for HL3

Reasons to Buy

  • An aspiring storytelling experience
  • Most literal use of VR
  • First authentic HL game in years

Doom Eternal – Unleash Hell

Reasons to Buy

  • Ability to dispatch enemies in various ways for different resources
  • Eliminates a huge number of demons
  • New take on multiplayer

Call of Duty: Warzone – Free-to-play COD

Reasons to Buy

  • Common squad-based gameplay
  • Huge map filled with COD Easter eggs
  • Integrated progression with MW Battle Pass

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary – A Classic Revamp

Reasons to Buy

  • Complete graphical refurbish
  • One more addition to the MC

Monster Hunter World: Ice borne

Reasons to Buy

  • Ice borne looks far-fetched on PC
  • Complete MHW experience
  • Events and DLC will sync by April

AO Tennis 2 – Enhanced form on the Virtual Court

Reasons to Buy

  • Career Mode built on Madden and FIFA
  • All-inclusive training mode
  • Includes Scenario Creator mode

Red Dead Redemption 2 – A Wild West Epic

Reasons to Buy

  • Latest looks appealing on the PC
  • Complete update support for Red Dead Online
  • Best game of the generation

Call of Duty: Black OPS 4

Reasons to Buy

  • Optimized for PC
  • Zombies and Multiplayers feel reanimated

Here we have the best PC games that can be bought today. Honestly, the above classics can easily exist for a lifespan, thus you need not play a new release ever and again.

Solid Beginners Guide For PC Build

PC’s can be expensive. Gaming PC’s can be really expensive. Often gamers choose to build their own computers. There are some serious advantages to going this route:

Total Customization

Building your own computer allows you to customize every aspect of it. You can tweak the aesthetics so that it visually looks however you want it too. You can choose to implement components from different companies that you might prefer over other ones. The possibilities of customization both cosmetic and functional are almost endless.

Upgrade Ability

When you have built your own PC you can update components as many times as you like. Where a pre-built store bought computer might be set up in a way that limits the ability to upgrade certain components, your limits will be completely in your hands. This allows the lifespan of a gaming computer to be drastically increased to keep up with all the new releases that invariably come year after year.

Cost Saving

You read correctly. Believe it or not bang for the buck is one of the main reasons that people choose to build there own PC’s. As with a lot of other hobbies doing it yourself can save a lot. Building your own PC can seem like an impossible task. This video is a great starting point for anyone wanting to get there feet wet with computer hardware and ultimately building their perfece computer.

Types Of Graphic Artist Jobs That You May Not Know

Advances in technology have radically changed the graphic arts industry. While it can still be a game of all professions and participate in several aspects of the field, it opens up new opportunities for specialists to succeed.

In addition, designers with specialized knowledge in many cases have the capability to get a higher payment than those with comprehensive skills. This means that you do not have to select between financial stability and personal satisfaction when it comes to shortening your career.

Mentioned below are eight graphic design jobs that you might not have thought about.

Creative Services Manager

The job of a creative service manager can differ based on employers but usually, act as a link between the top management and the creative professionals overseeing. This role requires a lot of experience: Creative service managers are often promoted by the grade of graphic designers or another artistic professional.

In their daily work, they manage complete creative tasks and lead a team of creative specialists to ensure that targets are met and budgets are respected. This means you need strong people and management skills to reach design talent. Creative services managers can use the practical design work but are usually less involved in daily creative production tasks. A creative service manager can be a valuable asset to a team or company as they act like an ambassador between finance people and creatives. There is often a disconnect between the personality types that these jobs attract, so it can be very valuable to the end product or service to have an individual with the knowledge and skill set to straddle both areas.

Email Marketing Designer

These professionals have the task of designing and executing messages and promotions that are of interest to an organization by e-mail. Email marketing designers work intimately with user interface specialists, other designers, authors, and marketing managers to assure compliance with branding strategies and brand compliance.

It’s significant for e-mail marketing designers to know about the principles of design and user understanding, while at the same time contributing extensive knowledge and experience with CSS and HTML, as they may be required to encode the finishing creative result.

Art Director

This is another creative job alternative for professional graphic designers. Art directors are in charge of the overall impression of a project, a brand or even a campaign. This role involves the highest level of detail because it is your job to ensure that each work created supports a project that is coherent with the overall creative visualization. Everything from the printing font used to the garments used by the models in advertising launches is their responsibility.

Artistic directors work intimately with internal management teams or clients to collect information about the product and desired audience for their work. With these gathered facts, the art directors create the artistic framework and the standards designers stick to it.

Information Architect

Information Architects help customers define contented strategies and design aspects for websites and are specialized in improving the design of websites and the user experience potential of the public. Information architects work to help users intuitively find what they are looking for.

Just as traditional architects propose the design and structure of buildings, information architects make use of process maps, wireframes, and templates to describe the user experience for sites and applications. They also run usability tests on functioning prototypes or finished products to enhance their navigation and architecture.

Mobile Designer

Professionals working under this job title design specific content and functionality for mobile platforms such as phones or tablets. This is particularly significant in today’s digital era as more and more individuals use mobile gadgets to access the Internet.

Mobile designers work with cross-functional teams to create engaging mobile experiences on mobile devices. These designers must be experts in the functional and aesthetic features of mobile and web design, and the expertise in programming languages and multiple platforms ​​is ideal for people in this position.

User Experience (UX) Designer

The primary purpose of UX designers is to create contented or engaging experiences for viewers on the basis of workflow analysis and user research. They are often accountable for generating characters, sitemaps, usage scenarios, wireframes, and related tools to craft a helpful user experience.This role is very important and is especially in demand for mobile apps. The best dating apps have amazing user experience. If hookup apps are devoid of good UX, then users will struggle to find dates and ultimately find another site or app.

These specialists also perform applicability tests on finished products or prototypes to evaluate the class of the user experience. A deep knowledge of graphic design and web technologies is a necessity in this position.

User Interface (UI) Designer

User interface designers create application interfaces to link users to back-end service processes and data. They allow users to promptly achieve their targets by offering code that meets accessibility and usability standards.This role is very important and is especially in demand for mobile apps.

These specialists typically work closely with a development team to build and enhance interactive web pages and applications. Most UI designers have experience in a wide range of web technologies such as CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, and HTML. This role is very important and is especially in demand for mobile apps. While it does require analytical thinking, UI is truly a design based practice.

Is there a future in one of these graphic artist jobs?

As you will see, there is much more in the graphic design field other than simple layouts and logos. If you want to start a successful design career that can also assist you to pay your dues, these professional careers could be the answer you were looking for. You can develop your creative life while earning a living in a career that you love.

Best Gaming PC 2018

Gaming PC
Gaming PC

If you are a regular gaming enthusiast then you must have a fair idea as to what is in store for those that love to play games on their PC. There is no dearth of gaming PCs when it comes to choice of systems in the market all over the world. It is also seen that gaming has become a phenomenon much more vigorously followed than other social media sites. Gaming means you earn a lot of money too and therefore the hardcore gaming enthusiasts are always growing and there is no sign of them backing down as there is a steady increase in online games that vie with one another for the top slot in ranking.

PC games have also evolved and it is not just the game, but the whole ambience that surrounds the game including decorative features and the LEDs coloring that give you the best experience. Hence, you should choose a gaming PC for 2018 that is within your budget as well as give you that stupendous and splendid experience of gaming in virtual reality.


How to choose your Best Gaming PC?

If you wish you may choose any one among the gaming PCs available in the market. Besides, the market has a plethora of gaming PCs on the offer. However to be on the safe side you can choose among the top ten gaming PC simply by browsing on Google. Yet these top 10 are pricey and may not fit your budget as most people do not have that kind of money at their disposal.

In order not to be disappointed about your choice you may note some points while choosing your gaming PC. You may browse the websites for the affordable high performance PC with the aim that you are focusing on the strengths of the CPU and graphics card. Naturally, the better CPU and the better graphics card the more expensive your PC would be. Yet if you want performance then these are the areas you must watch out for. It is seen that AMD and Intel processors are built for high resolution and detailed graphics to run modern games. You will find gaming PCs having multiple graphics card space so as to give great gaming experiences.

While browsing over the websites you may do some research on CPU and you will get an idea as to what to look for. Again, while aiming for a good high performance graphics card you must look for one that is within your budget. The costlier ones do outperform yet a relatively good one can be just what you may be looking for and quite affordable.


Storage and Memory aspects of your Gaming PC

You may then look out for the storage and memory part of your gaming PC. You will notice that most gaming enthusiasts like to have high speed RAM and an equally fast SSD for making the game run smoothly. However, this again is a costly affair as it is all right even if you were to purchase an 8 GB of DDR3 so that it has great gaming display. The higher than 8 GB is nothing but only minimal difference that you would hardly notice unless you are hawk eyed. You needn’t worry as in the future the prices are sure to fall and then you may upgrade your gaming PC.

The next thing that you should look for is the mother board that ought to be specially designed for gamers. There are many offers in the market that comes with real great decorations and colored LEDs. If your budget is limited then you may simply opt for an ordinary desktop board and still play great games.


Choosing from the Best

You may choose your gaming PC from the top 10 or top 15 and these are quite pricey in the market. You will come across expensive ones like Chilliblast Fusion Centauri Ryzen Threadripper to affordable Median Erazer and so on. You will find that the details can be easily seen from the independent reviews that the sites carry. The choice is yours and if you have the money then there is no harm why you shouldn’t buy an expensive one.

But for most people a gaming PC can be pinch in their pockets hence you may get one of the average priced PC that would serve your purpose well till such time you find a better one in the future. Even though computers are great, someone might want to have some pocket change to pay for dinner on a date and maybe have a local hook up that night. After the date the computer will be waiting at home. It is true that there are rapid changes taking place in gaming technologies and newer PCs are being manufactured with prices going south.

You will have to browse through the different sites so as to get the best gaming PC you have budgeted for. There are scores of affordable PCs that is enough for your gaming purpose and are pretty good at running mainstream games without any hassles.

Best 5 Graphics Cards For Gaming

All serious players should have a high-quality graphics card (video card). Video cards are the solution to get the most out of the top games on the market, as most of these great games with a computer’s video card are extremely challenging. Those who want to upgrade their graphics card should look at the five video cards competing to be the best in the market.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

If you are looking for the fastest graphics card on the earth, it’s obvious: The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti wins you, no doubt. In our tests, the GTX 1080 Ti is about 30% speedier than the GTX 1080 and twice faster as compared to GTX 970. The only downside is that you truly need a 4k or 1440p display ahead of this intensity of performance is compulsory.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

The top graphics card is not just the fastest graphics card or the most economical graphics card. Rather, the top graphics card has to stabilize performance, price and features. The GTX 1060 is an excellent card, but if you want a card that you will use in the next 2 or 3 years, Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti is the greatest choice. It offers mid-range performance between 1070 and 1080, with a price nearer to 1070.

Whether you want to play at 1080p or 1440p on a 144Hz screen, the 1070 Ti is capable of handling most of the highest quality games. Depending on the price, the GTX 1070 may be worth its performance. Beware of the upcoming graphics card RTX 2070 scheduled to be released in October.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB

We had high hopes for Vega before the start and ultimately did not live up to expectations. Instead of the Titan Killer we expected, the Vega 64 could not even degrade the Nvidia GTX 1080 for a year. But RX Vega 56 is almost as speedy and costs less, uses less power and combines the GTX 1070 Ti on paper. Even the prices are close to the original starting price, although we are still above the $399 target for the Vega 56.

At least you can locate the RX Vega 56 (and Vega 64) in action at a competitive price and performance is very superior, and in some DirectX 12 games, the AMD GPU processor is better than the Nvidia alternatives. There is also something to say about the competition in general and of course we do not want Nvidia to have more GPU control than it already likes.

AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB

Many players have a limited budget, and while faster cards can arouse envy, they are often overkilling when using a 1080p screen. Traditional GPUs such as the GTX 1060 3GB/6GB and RX 570/580 are near to the original MSRP, with sales even below the recommended price. The 8GB RX 580 platforms snapped the 6GB GTX 1060, usually gaining some performance but consuming additional power. The overall middle category winner is mainly driven by local prices, and the US market is presently favouring the RX 580.

From $200 to $275 is the ideal point for conventional players and although the 3GB GTX 1060 may sound appealing, 3GB VRAM is a bit of a problem. Most games no longer require additional memory, as the variation between the ultra quality and high-quality textures is quite minor, especially on a 1080p screen. Nevertheless, the RX 580 8GB costs only $30 more and is almost at all times faster. Check for the discount codes and sales related to the cards.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB

The alternative from Nvidia to its predecessor RX 580 is the GTX 1060 6GB. The loss of 2 GB of VRAM is not really a problem in most games, especially in 1080p, where these cards work best. 1440p is possible, but only in quality configurations, some of which are significantly lower. The biggest advantage of the GTX 1060 is that it consumes about 50W a reduced amount of power than the RX 580. It’s built with less heat and quieter, though energy savings will amount to one to two dollars a month.

Presently, Nvidia has made no statement about the release of RTX 2060, although it is basically a fact that Turing will sooner or later come to lower level products. However, RTX 2070 will lower the prices of existing GTX cards further below, so do not be amazed if the GTX 1060 falls below $200 in October.

Although these few graphics cards do not represent the entire market, they offer some examples of products available to consumers to make assessments. When selecting a video card, gamers should think about which features they carry out most on their computer: video streaming, games, or just photo editing. No matter what is needed, a graphics card is available to meet the individual requirements of almost all consumers when they take the initiative to find them.