Most Popular PC Games

If you are locked down at home or on summer vacations, then chances are more that you will be spending more time on your Personal Computer (PC), and thus would want to refresh your PC games library. March is one of the best months for the PC games in memory, and the collection of games that were released – from indie puzzlers to VR games, prompted us about what we liked the most about the PC gaming. The medium comprises of more games than any controls. The best PC game links every genre with the studio size.

With a suitable set of hardware, you become gave savvy as they were predetermined, without limits, incredible insight, and constancy. And also with the available distribution channels giving a fixed stream of new releases – a vast library of well-maintained older titles – has never been a safer time to initiate your PC and jump into the world of a mouse, keyboard and controller-based fun.

To demystify, games need not be released within the fiscal year to entitle for this outline. The games that are still available and considered excellent when graded against the best of today is entitled. Thus, helps to decide on which games acquire space on your system hard drive and which does not qualify even if the price is cut by 85% in the Stream sale.

About PC Games

A PC game or computer game is a type of hands-on multimedia used for amusement and relaxation that are played on a personal computer. PC games are normally spread through standard storage devices such as DVDs, CDs. However, in the recent times, these games can be downloaded from their respective websites.

List of Popular PC Games

Below is the list of best PC games to play today. Enjoy!

Bleeding Edge – A team shooter from the makers of Hellbalde

Reason to Buy

  • Can easily become expert in mechanics
  • Great mixture of character types
  • Fun approach to content rewards

Half-Life: Alyx – An alternative for HL3

Reasons to Buy

  • An aspiring storytelling experience
  • Most literal use of VR
  • First authentic HL game in years

Doom Eternal – Unleash Hell

Reasons to Buy

  • Ability to dispatch enemies in various ways for different resources
  • Eliminates a huge number of demons
  • New take on multiplayer

Call of Duty: Warzone – Free-to-play COD

Reasons to Buy

  • Common squad-based gameplay
  • Huge map filled with COD Easter eggs
  • Integrated progression with MW Battle Pass

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary – A Classic Revamp

Reasons to Buy

  • Complete graphical refurbish
  • One more addition to the MC

Monster Hunter World: Ice borne

Reasons to Buy

  • Ice borne looks far-fetched on PC
  • Complete MHW experience
  • Events and DLC will sync by April

AO Tennis 2 – Enhanced form on the Virtual Court

Reasons to Buy

  • Career Mode built on Madden and FIFA
  • All-inclusive training mode
  • Includes Scenario Creator mode

Red Dead Redemption 2 – A Wild West Epic

Reasons to Buy

  • Latest looks appealing on the PC
  • Complete update support for Red Dead Online
  • Best game of the generation

Call of Duty: Black OPS 4

Reasons to Buy

  • Optimized for PC
  • Zombies and Multiplayers feel reanimated

Here we have the best PC games that can be bought today. Honestly, the above classics can easily exist for a lifespan, thus you need not play a new release ever and again.

Solid Beginners Guide For PC Build

PC’s can be expensive. Gaming PC’s can be really expensive. Often gamers choose to build their own computers. There are some serious advantages to going this route:

Total Customization

Building your own computer allows you to customize every aspect of it. You can tweak the aesthetics so that it visually looks however you want it too. You can choose to implement components from different companies that you might prefer over other ones. The possibilities of customization both cosmetic and functional are almost endless.

Upgrade Ability

When you have built your own PC you can update components as many times as you like. Where a pre-built store bought computer might be set up in a way that limits the ability to upgrade certain components, your limits will be completely in your hands. This allows the lifespan of a gaming computer to be drastically increased to keep up with all the new releases that invariably come year after year.

Cost Saving

You read correctly. Believe it or not bang for the buck is one of the main reasons that people choose to build there own PC’s. As with a lot of other hobbies doing it yourself can save a lot. Building your own PC can seem like an impossible task. This video is a great starting point for anyone wanting to get there feet wet with computer hardware and ultimately building their perfece computer.

Best 5 Graphics Cards For Gaming

All serious players should have a high-quality graphics card (video card). Video cards are the solution to get the most out of the top games on the market, as most of these great games with a computer’s video card are extremely challenging. Those who want to upgrade their graphics card should look at the five video cards competing to be the best in the market.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

If you are looking for the fastest graphics card on the earth, it’s obvious: The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti wins you, no doubt. In our tests, the GTX 1080 Ti is about 30% speedier than the GTX 1080 and twice faster as compared to GTX 970. The only downside is that you truly need a 4k or 1440p display ahead of this intensity of performance is compulsory.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

The top graphics card is not just the fastest graphics card or the most economical graphics card. Rather, the top graphics card has to stabilize performance, price and features. The GTX 1060 is an excellent card, but if you want a card that you will use in the next 2 or 3 years, Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti is the greatest choice. It offers mid-range performance between 1070 and 1080, with a price nearer to 1070.

Whether you want to play at 1080p or 1440p on a 144Hz screen, the 1070 Ti is capable of handling most of the highest quality games. Depending on the price, the GTX 1070 may be worth its performance. Beware of the upcoming graphics card RTX 2070 scheduled to be released in October.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB

We had high hopes for Vega before the start and ultimately did not live up to expectations. Instead of the Titan Killer we expected, the Vega 64 could not even degrade the Nvidia GTX 1080 for a year. But RX Vega 56 is almost as speedy and costs less, uses less power and combines the GTX 1070 Ti on paper. Even the prices are close to the original starting price, although we are still above the $399 target for the Vega 56.

At least you can locate the RX Vega 56 (and Vega 64) in action at a competitive price and performance is very superior, and in some DirectX 12 games, the AMD GPU processor is better than the Nvidia alternatives. There is also something to say about the competition in general and of course we do not want Nvidia to have more GPU control than it already likes.

AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB

Many players have a limited budget, and while faster cards can arouse envy, they are often overkilling when using a 1080p screen. Traditional GPUs such as the GTX 1060 3GB/6GB and RX 570/580 are near to the original MSRP, with sales even below the recommended price. The 8GB RX 580 platforms snapped the 6GB GTX 1060, usually gaining some performance but consuming additional power. The overall middle category winner is mainly driven by local prices, and the US market is presently favouring the RX 580.

From $200 to $275 is the ideal point for conventional players and although the 3GB GTX 1060 may sound appealing, 3GB VRAM is a bit of a problem. Most games no longer require additional memory, as the variation between the ultra quality and high-quality textures is quite minor, especially on a 1080p screen. Nevertheless, the RX 580 8GB costs only $30 more and is almost at all times faster. Check for the discount codes and sales related to the cards.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB

The alternative from Nvidia to its predecessor RX 580 is the GTX 1060 6GB. The loss of 2 GB of VRAM is not really a problem in most games, especially in 1080p, where these cards work best. 1440p is possible, but only in quality configurations, some of which are significantly lower. The biggest advantage of the GTX 1060 is that it consumes about 50W a reduced amount of power than the RX 580. It’s built with less heat and quieter, though energy savings will amount to one to two dollars a month.

Presently, Nvidia has made no statement about the release of RTX 2060, although it is basically a fact that Turing will sooner or later come to lower level products. However, RTX 2070 will lower the prices of existing GTX cards further below, so do not be amazed if the GTX 1060 falls below $200 in October.

Although these few graphics cards do not represent the entire market, they offer some examples of products available to consumers to make assessments. When selecting a video card, gamers should think about which features they carry out most on their computer: video streaming, games, or just photo editing. No matter what is needed, a graphics card is available to meet the individual requirements of almost all consumers when they take the initiative to find them.