Solid Beginners Guide For PC Build

PC’s can be expensive. Gaming PC’s can be really expensive. Often gamers choose to build their own computers. There are some serious advantages to going this route:

Total Customization

Building your own computer allows you to customize every aspect of it. You can tweak the aesthetics so that it visually looks however you want it too. You can choose to implement components from different companies that you might prefer over other ones. The possibilities of customization both cosmetic and functional are almost endless.

Upgrade Ability

When you have built your own PC you can update components as many times as you like. Where a pre-built store bought computer might be set up in a way that limits the ability to upgrade certain components, your limits will be completely in your hands. This allows the lifespan of a gaming computer to be drastically increased to keep up with all the new releases that invariably come year after year.

Cost Saving

You read correctly. Believe it or not bang for the buck is one of the main reasons that people choose to build there own PC’s. As with a lot of other hobbies doing it yourself can save a lot. Building your own PC can seem like an impossible task. This video is a great starting point for anyone wanting to get there feet wet with computer hardware and ultimately building their perfece computer.